Practical Tips to Help You Find a New Home

Is your current home too much for your budget? Or maybe you need a larger home to accommodate your growing family. Perhaps you simply just want more land or maybe you’d like to put your kids in a better school system. There are plenty of reasons to move and sell your home. Here a few practical tips for the process of selling and finding the perfect place to call home.

Always perform a home inspection before buying

If you think you’ve found the perfect home then make sure you hire a home inspector to examine the property first. There could be some details that the seller left out, such as a potential pest infestation or some issues with the structure of the home that are a major concern. A thorough inspection is always best especially if the deal seems too good to be true and it’s a precaution that everyone should take. My home inspection cost a little over $300, but it gave me the heads up about a mold issue that the seller either didn’t know about or didn’t disclose. The inspection was worth every penny!

Put your property on the market early

If you purchased your current home then it’s worth putting it on the market as early as possible so that the offers can start rolling in as you look for a home. This is to ensure that you can find a buyer and make a sell around the same time that you purchase your new home. To add a bit more value to your home you could also consider performing a few simple renovations and improvements.  

Move as a last resort

Moving can be incredibly stressful and you’d be saying goodbye to a lot of things such as your local friends and family members, the faces that you’ve grown to know and also your neighbors. Moving should usually be considered a last resort due to how much time and effort it takes, so if there are alternatives you should probably look at those first. For instance, if your home is too small then it might be less expensive to add on to your home or convert your loft first. If you feel like your home lacks rooms, then it could be worth clearing out something like a study and converting it into another room.

If you have to move, don’t compromise

If you’re going to move, then you should pick something that ticks every box you have and misses out none. Of course, there are things you may be willing to compromise on but think of a few things that are your must-haves. The reason being that moving can take a lot of money, time and effort, so you don’t want to go through all of that trouble just to end up in a home that you still aren’t happy with unless you want to go with a fixer-upper. The decision to move requires an investment so make sure you don’t overlook any details. Whatever you do, don’t settle for something because it’s convenient or available– how will the home function for you?

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