Improving Home Security

Intruder alarms have become essential for all homes. Whilst it’s not nice to consider that break-ins are quite a common occurrence in some areas, it’s important to be realistic and there is certainly no harm in having a burglar alarm. Here are a few things to consider when buying a home alarm system.

The first thing you need to do is determine what type of burglar alarm you are going to buy. In general, these are split into two different categories. On the one hand, you can opt for an alarm that will alert you if someone has entered your property. Alternatively, you can actually go for an alarm that is linked to a 24-hour monitoring center. This completely depends on you and what you are more comfortable with. It is worth noting however that if you opt for the latter option (being linked to a monitoring center) then you will have to pay a monthly fee for this service. Nevertheless, if it gives you an increased sense of security then many would deem it to be worth the cash.

When purchasing an alarm system another quality you need to think about is how the alarm is going to alert you when someone enters your home. The standard alarms that have been around for years now simply operate via a very loud noise being triggered when an intruder is detected. However, technology has advanced a lot since then and there are more complex systems available. One popular choice is when the alarm is linked to an app, you will receive a message on your phone when motion is detected. This is beneficial for those who are often traveling or are not always home. If you have mobile access, you can check in on your home if you have a camera setup, and you can also secure your home or deactivate your alarm from anywhere. 

Aside from the two points that have already been mentioned, another point worth contemplating is whether to opt for a wireless burglar alarm system or not. It is recommended that you do go down the wireless route as there are several benefits to be gained by doing so. The absence of wires alone is a plus, because it means that there will be no need to make any alterations to your home. Because of this wireless alarms also tend to be a lot cheaper to install as well.

Once you have considered the types of intruder alarms available you can then begin to narrow down your choice in relation to general buying considerations, such as price. Moreover, make sure you think about the other security methods you will use alongside the alarm, for example, a high-security padlock and potentially CCTV. Remember, it is important to acknowledge that if something looks too good to be true then the chances are it probably is. Make sure you find a good balance between cost-effectiveness and quality. The last thing you want to do is buy a cheap alarm system only for it to not work when you need it to.

When deliberating the different alarm systems at your disposal you need to think about what you want from your system. Are you happy enough to be solely alerted if there was an intruder in your home? Or would you rather have the added security of being linked up to a monitoring center? This is the main factor you need to focus your attention on. Once you have done this you can then begin to iron out the other points mentioned in the post.

4 thoughts on “Improving Home Security

  1. Having a security alarm is one of the best things you can do for your home/apartment. I’ve had a break in twice at my old place and I was able to see who did it both times. It definitely helps you feel more secure!

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