What You Should Get Done Before You Renovate Your Home

Are you considering a home renovation or a slight revamp of your kitchen or bathroom? Well, this might be the right time to plan long term and take care of the things you have been neglecting for a while before you focus on the cosmetic aspect of your home. Your new design might call for substantial changes to your home and layout so you might want to give a professional a call before you grab a sledgehammer. The last thing you want to do is ruin your add to the list of what needs to be fixed. Below you will find a few tips on what to do before renovating your home.

Check Your Pipes

Before you get a new bathroom or kitchen, you should get a professional to check your pipework and drains. Just imagine paying thousands for a new bathroom suite and tiles and finding out that there is a leak or galvanized pipes that need to be replaced. There might be invisible blockages that will cause you trouble later on. This is why you should contact a drain cleaning company to check every pipe before you invest money in your renovation.  

Get a Structural Survey

Next, you should make sure that you check the walls, foundation, and the joints, especially if you are planning on opening up your space and knocking down or adding walls. It is always better to have an expert structural engineer to have a look at your walls and find out whether or not your joints are going to support extra weight. The cost of hiring a structural engineer beats the cost of not hiring one and your roof caves in, I’m just saying.

Look Into Energy Efficient Solutions

Once you plan major work in your home, it might be time to think about insulation and make your home more efficient. There are several things you can do, such as insulating your walls from the outside or the inside and changing your single pane windows to double pane ones to reduce heat loss and save money long term on your heating and air conditioning.

Electricity and Wiring

When you are installing new appliances or adding an island to your kitchen that will require electrical work, you will have to get an electrician to look at your system and your wiring. If you are living in an older home, chances are that you will have to upgrade your fuse box to support more outlets or you may have to do a total upgrade of the wiring throughout your home. This may force you to hold off on the renovation, but it will be worth it in the long run.

Make Your Home More Sustainable

Once you are doing your DIY, it is important that you look for solutions that will save you money over the next few years or decades. From installing solar panels on your roof to upgrading your HVAC system, there are various ways you can save money and save the environment at the same time. When you plan your home renovation, you need to think carefully about the important things that are hidden behind your walls and under the floor, because they can seriously affect your home reno plans. 

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