Careers For The Strong-Minded

People with a strong mindset are often stuck in the wrong careers. They could be pushing paper round an office desk, and doing something that generally demands little brain output. What’s worse, the strong-minded person absolutely hates being bossed around in a role where they have no power, which is often what you find most people are in. Of course, every single job will boss you around, they’re not just going to leave you to it and never tell you what to do again. Oh, wouldn’t that be the dream! But you can find careers that will see you highly motivated to do more, and rather than being told what to do, you’re being motivated to do better. You can take control of your own decisions more, and you can feel in control of situations, rather than feeling controlled. Does this sound exactly like what you’re missing at the minute? Good, you’re in the right place then. Here are some careers for those of you who are super strong-minded.


This is probably one of the most exciting career lines you can go down, and definitely one built for the strong-minded. You have to have the ability to make your own decisions, judge situations, and ultimately decide the fate of the client you’re working with. You have to be able to support their cause, and you have to hold that up in court. There are plenty of paralegal certificate programs, and this is usually the first step down the road of qualifying. Some people stay as paralegals all their life, but for most, it’s just a stepping stone towards becoming a fully qualified lawyer. However, both have equal responsibility, and the pay is excellent on both parts. Work for a big law firm, and there’s no end to the money you could be making on commission.

Police Officer

This is a slightly easier one to go down, as you don’t have to be as qualified to get into the role. All you have to do is obviously have no criminal record, have a super strong mind to put up with some of the things you’re going to see, and have a love for the law. It’s such a rewarding job to have, however. You’ll be serving and protecting the public, perhaps even when they’re not aware of it. The pay is great, there’s always room for progression, and you’ll definitely be able to show how strong minded you are during difficult situations. Check out this link to find out more about the benefits of joining the force.

Marketing Consultant

This one is super well paid if you get in with the right company, and it gives you the freedom of being able to work off your own initiative to give the companies that come to you, the best outcome. You will need to have a qualification to go into this role, so doing night classes might be the best option. But once you gain the knowledge you need, which will be expensive, there’s no end to the money you could make. You could even go on to create your own company!

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