The Worst of the Worst Shows on Netflix

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t watch Netflix. Whether it’s films, TV series, or documentaries you can always find something to watch. I’ve even caught up on a few shows from my childhood. Back in the day, they were my favorite shows, but looking at them now, I find myself cringing, a lot! Luckily, Netflix’s selection is so vast that I don’t have to watch anything I don’t like, but I figured I share a few of the shows on Netflix I wouldn’t watch again.

Here’s a short list of some of the worst shows on Netflix (in my opinion):


Ringer was meant to be a return to the TV screens for Sarah Michelle Gellar after her success as Buffy the Vampire Slayer over 20 years ago. Unfortunately, she was the only good thing about this series, which was about two very different twins. It perhaps might have been better as a comedy or if it was handled in a light-hearted way. The program was dead serious though, and that’s what made it super boring. If it’s not available in the Netflix library in your country, it’s not worth wasting a VPN subscription on, so there’s no need to bother looking at the BestVPN guide. Buffy it was not!


Zoo is arguably the worst program on Netflix. In fact, for some people, it is a masterpiece of bad TV and quality entertainment because it couldn’t be any worse. It’s based on a series of violent animal attacks across the world but then descends into madness that defies explanation. The animals evolve to such a degree that it is humans who become endangered. Nothing about the program makes much sense, and the whole thing is produced as a serious piece of work.


I grew up on the original 90120, which was an unapologetic soap opera that was fun, and self-aware. Although this was risky for its time, it worked. The same cannot be said for the remake though. It has very few original characters but instead opted to use different names with the same traits from the original. This just did not work and was a totally uninspired mismatch of the old and the new. In fact, it was just a pale imitation that is not worth the screen time. Watch the original instead.


I really hate to add this one to the list. Dexter started off as something different and was really good for the first three seasons. They probably should’ve finished it at the end of season 4 though, because after that it seemed to lose its way, and it became very repetitive. Watching the first 4 seasons is worth the effort, but anything after that is a waste of your time.

Power Rangers: Turbo

Another childhood favorite, Power Rangers was a pretty successful franchise. It turned into movies and spin-offs, which all pretty much worked except one, Turbo. Compared to the others this was stilted and lacked something the other spin-offs had. My nephew loves Power Rangers, but this series did not sit well with him. Even the sales of the action figures dropped for Turbo compared to the previous series. If you have kids or nieces and nephews, skip this series.

What are your least favorite shows or movies on Netflix?

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