Breathe the Fresh Air

One reason I couldn’t wait to move into my own place was that I couldn’t wait to breathe fresh air. My mom smokes cigarettes and I was miserable having to breathe in cigarette smoke every single day. Even when I left the smell was in my clothes and bedding. So when I moved out, I decided that my place was going to be as free as it could be from pollution, but it’s really hard to have clean air when almost everything pollutes the air. Appliances, air fresheners, even new products you bring in release fumes and gases. It’s absolutely crazy. I never thought about those things until now, so after doing a bit of research, I came across a few ways to improve the air quality inside my house and I wanted to share them.

Get Some House Plants

I’ve said before that I’m horticulturally challenged, but I’m warming up to getting live plants. They help to clean and recycle the air, which is exactly what I need. I’m starting out with fresh flowers, and hopefully, I’ll work my way up to some type of larger plant, especially as I finished decorating. They’re not only good for the air, but they’re also aesthetically pleasing to look at. They’re great for creating a relaxing and pleasant space that is conducive to work, which works for me since I work from home a lot. So if you’re creating a workspace at home, you definitely need some plants.

Clean Air Conditioning Units

I completely made the mistake of not changing my home’s air filter. That was mistake #1! I have no idea when the last owner changed it and now it’s my responsibility. Over time, they’ll get clogged up with all sorts of dust, i.e. skin and hair, from the air and that will be pumped back into the room. That’s why it’s important that you get them serviced from time to time. Click to learn more about air conditioner repairs to see whether you might have a problem. An old air conditioner could be doing more harm than good so you should get it checked regularly.

Stop Using Aerosols

Although they make your home smell like the rainforest or a summer breeze lol, aerosols aren’t great in general because they release a lot of chemicals that damage the environment. But when you’re using those aerosols inside the house, all of those chemicals hang in the air and you’re breathing them in all of the time. If you are going to use them, open a window for a while afterward to air the room out a bit. You can also get some great alternatives that are better for you and better for the environment. Also, do a bit of research on candles before you stock up on a bunch of holiday candles. Some candles are bad for the air quality as well.

Take Your Shoes Off

As much as I hate taking off my shoes in other people’s homes, I totally get it! They’re not just being anal about they’re carpets and tracking dirt. You really do bring in all sorts of dust and dirt from the outside on your shoes and if you’re walking around the house in them, all of that stuff ends up in the air. Taking them off and leaving them by the door is the easiest way to avoid that.

Most people don’t think about the air quality in their home, but it’s a really big problem. If you make these simple changes, you can start breathing fresh air immediately.

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