Confidence Is How You Wear It

No matter who you are, confidence is an important factor in your life. It’s not always about physical attractiveness, but it is about your actions and what you exude. A magnetic personality, a willingness to be honest, and being able to take responsibility and accountability for actions and decisions is absolutely admirable. This is where true beauty and confidence lies. 

Confidence is absolutely how you wear it, but how can you put that into practice? Here are a few suggestions:

Your Own Preferences

Wear whatever you like. I know I said that being confident is about more than physical attractiveness, but it does play a part. How do feel when you put on your favorite outfit or when your hair is freshly done? You can’t help but look in the mirror and gas yourself up! So wear whatever you want to wear. And that goes, for clothes, shoes, hair, and makeup. If you feel like wearing something exotic and beautiful like second-hand Chanel bags from Fifth Collection, you should feel entitled to. If you feel like dying your hair all the colors of the rainbow, or if you hope to get that nose piercing at the age of 35, or if you hope to switch up your entire style, you can. If your style isn’t for you, then who is it for? 

Never Apologize For Who You Are

We often see people on the street who dress differently and we begin to judge them. We may not understand their punk, goth, or hipster style, and that’s okay, but it doesn’t mean those people are incorrect. Applying this attitude to yourself and your style can help you avoid apologizing for who you are.  If you hope to celebrate your culture or religion, or perhaps define your own style, you should. Never apologize for who you are, because doing so reduces you in your own mind, even by a little, and that should never be allowed to happen.

Know Your Self-Worth

Knowing your self-worth means expressing your self-worth. It took me a long time to understand this. I used to think that my worth was determined by how much other people liked me, but I finally realized that it’s about how much I love myself. I began to figure out what was best for me. I consumed positivity through affirmations and I began cutting out all things that brought negative vibes into my life (social media, certain music, tv shows, podcasts, even family functions). I began to surround myself with only the people who showed me they actually care about me and my well-being. When you feel that love and support, it makes it easier for you to give that love and support to yourself as well as reciprocate it to others, even strangers on the street. It all translates into confidence.

Take some time to be positive for other people. This effort of collaborative comfort can help you know your worth, and you will give that benefit to others. This is one of the most important things about feeling confident and connected.

With these tips, you will realize that confidence is nothing more aside from how you wear it.

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