3 Ways To Achieve The Boutique Bathroom Look

Are you planning on updating your home in 2019? Well, don’t overlook your bathroom. Kitchens aren’t the only rooms that sell houses. Even if you don’t plan on doing a full remodel, you can give your bathroom a new lease on life with a boutique bathroom look. Take a look at three ways to take your bathroom from basic to boutique.

Before You Begin

Before you do any work, you need to make sure your bathroom’s plumbing is in tiptop shape. You don’t want to bring in new fixtures and attach them to bad pipes. It’s all good until you turn that pretty gold faucet on and brown water comes out, there’s nothing cute about that! Also, don’t have your handy uncle or cousin come and “fix” the plumbing issues, check out your local plumbing services and hire a professional. You don’t want to have your family looking at you sideways at Thanksgiving because you’re taking your uncle/cousin to court.

The Tub

Now you can have a boutique-esque bathroom with a plastic tub from Home Depot, just invest in a luxe shower curtain to hide it. But if you want to have a truly luxurious bathroom, then you may want to go with a clawfoot or roll top tub, and if you have the space, a freestanding roll top tub. You could opt for the traditional Victorian white grandeur of a roll top or the more modern sleek lines of a freestanding deep tub. Either way, this would be a statement piece for your bathroom. You can even customize the fixture with a gold, chrome or even copper faucet to add that luxe feel.

Splurge on Flooring

NEVER EVER opt for carpet in a bathroom. If it was there when you moved in, rip it out ASAP! Carpet in bathrooms gives me the creeps! If you’re in need of new flooring in your bathroom, do your research. Wood doesn’t do well in wet spaces, so if you want the wood look, opt for wood looking tile. You want quality and durability. You don’t need marble floors to make your bathroom feel high-quality but think about it. Bathrooms are generally the smallest rooms in homes, with minimal square footage, so you may be able to get away with splurging on quality flooring. You could even go with heated flooring. The interior designer in me is itching to come out, now I really can’t wait to remodel my bathroom, I will be practicing what I preach! 

3 Ways To Achieve The Boutique Bathroom Look

More than Paint

Painting your bathroom walls is an easy update, but there are other things you can do to bring your bathroom to boutique status. Floor to ceiling tile can look amazing when done correctly. Large stone tiles, small mosaic creations, and Moroccan-esque patterns can make your bathroom look like something out of Architectural Digest. Don’t think that you have to be super fancy and formal, you can add a touch of color or flair. Go with neutral fixtures, flooring, and tile and do something dramatic on the walls with paint or wallpaper or wainscotting. Even playing up the natural light in your bathroom can change the way it looks and feels. Mirrors and glass will allow natural light to bounce across the room making it appear brighter and more spacious.

If you’ve ever renovated a bathroom in your home, I would love to hear about your experience with the process!

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