How to Spot the Latest Celebrity Fashion Trends

We, millennials, pay more attention to our looks than any other generation. To us, fashion isn’t just about clothing, it’s a method of self-expression, creating our personalities, and building our brands. We often find ourselves experimenting with fashion and different looks, but sometimes we’re not sure whether or not we hit the mark. Below you’ll find a few tips on how to get your information on the latest celebrity fashion.

Designer Sites

How to Spot the Latest Celebrity Fashion Trends One of the best resources for finding out the latest celebrity trends is the designers’ own site. They will feature creations designed for celebrities, as well as the upcoming collections. This will give you so many ideas on how to experiment with your existing wardrobe and what you will need to invest in to look the part and get inspiration from the celebrities you follow.

Millennial Sites

If you have a favorite fashion or beauty blogger/vlogger, then you can sign up for alerts on their sites and make sure that you take a mental or real note of what they’re predicting to be big in the next season. However, don’t believe everything you see, people pull stunts all the time. There are also some great magazines such as Slick Kook that will give you the right recommendations and allow you to sign up for alerts and social media contests. 

Video Clips

One of the best sources of finding out what fashion items celebrities are falling in love with is checking their latest Insta stories, Snaps, or YouTube posts. Take a note of the new things and combinations that you can try at home and recreate. For example, Beyonce’s style is unique, but it always changes, depending on her songs and personal life. You need to follow her social media, videos, and interviews to find out what she is up to on the fashion scene. 

TV Series

You can also get some great ideas from TV characters on what to wear for different occasions. As all casts work with professional fashion designers, stylists, and brands, you might find something you like especially and would like to try. No matter if you are hooked on Chicago Med or This Is Us, you can find some fashion statements that will help you choose and improve your personal style.

Online Magazines

How to Spot the Latest Celebrity Fashion Trends There are also several online fashion house magazines you can download on any device and study in your free time. You can sign up for a subscription or simply follow their Instagram and Pinterest accounts to get inspired. You don’t have to read blogger reviews if you don’t want to; simply make sure that you follow the trends and create an online scrapbook on Pinterest you can work from when you are looking for fashion inspiration. Also, the most famous fashion magazines have made their sites millennial-friendly, Vogue has caught on to our needs and is serving up the latest trends not only in their magazine but on their website and YouTube channel.

We’re all influenced by celebrity fashion, it just takes a smart girl to figure out what is going to be “in” the next season. Use the above online sources and creative ways of spotting trends early.


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