Lash Extensions Q&A With Luxe Lashes By ‘Elle

I finally made the decision to get lash extensions! I sat down with my cousin Ari’Elle to chat about lashes and her business Luxe Lashes By ‘Elle. We talked about almost everything, from how she started doing lashes to the lash extension process. Feel free to check out more of Ari’Elle’s work on IG!



  • A decrease in the amount of time it takes to do my makeup
  • They look really good!
  • They make me feel a bit better about my appearance.


  • I have sensitive eyes, my eyes were irritated for the first couple of days, but I was fine once my eyes got used to the lashes.
  • Fighting the urge to rub my eyes!
  • Blepharitis! It is a real condition, and you can get it if you don’t cleanse your lashes!

Check out the video below and let me know your thoughts on lash extensions!

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