Trading Spaces

I’m soooo happy to announce that I finally got to collaborate with one of my favorite bloggers – Grace from Thrifted Luxe! Grace came up with the idea of trading spaces and coming up with a few ideas of how we could spruce up a room in our homes. Head over to her blog to check out how she styled my spare/storage room (It seriously needs a lot of work lol), and don’t forget to hit the follow button while you’re there.


Grace is enjoying tiny life in her travel trailer (I’m totally jealous lol), but it doesn’t allow her the space to do much decorating. I came up with a few ideas that will allow Grace to spruce up her tiny home without breaking the bank.

Solutions 1:

For Grace’s kitchen area, I came up with the idea of painting the cabinetry white. Too much wood can add a heaviness to a room, but you can make your room feel a little larger by adding lighter colors to the space, or Grace’s case, painting the wood cabinets white. Another way she can update the kitchen area is by adding a backsplash. I found these Stick-It Peel and Stick Backsplash Tiles from Home Depot, they can be easily cut and applied. They’re non-permanent tiles, so she would be able to change them out whenever she’d like. Grace can also change the cabinet’s hardware to sleek contemporary handles. Add a small plant by the window for a pop of color, and the kitchen is complete.

Trading Spaces

Solution 2:

For Grace’s dining space, she can also paint these cabinets white and change out the hardware. I also made the suggestion that she reupholster the booths. A tufted booth would be perfect! Another major change I suggested, is changing the wallpaper to a more contemporary wallpaper. The shimmering background of the wallpaper will give the room a contemporary edge. As someone who HATES wallpaper, I absolutely love this one lol. I also suggested a change in the dining table, if possible. Adding white curtains and a small floral arrangement of white tulips, roses, or hydrangeas would help to break up the gray.

Trading Spaces
Trading Spaces by crystal-castleberry featuring silk floral bouquets


What do you all think of my suggestions for Grace’s travel trailer? Don’t forget to visit her blog to see how she transformed my spare room!

8 thoughts on “Trading Spaces

      1. Hehe, I’m known for making things difficult!
        And I’m for sure gonna try getting new cushions! My boyfriend HATES the current ones! 🤣
        There’s a super easy diy for making cushion covers too, so I can go for the same color scheme. 😁

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