Rose Gold Glam

Last week, in my Spot the Vogue post I showcased the first of two designs I created for my friend’s home. To recap, she wanted gold, glam, luxe. I wanted to give her a classic glam option and a more youthful rose gold glam option. Just in case you were wondering if the design is a bit off, the right side of the sofa is against a wall.

Here’s the 1st design:

Here’s the 2nd one again:
Rose Gold Glam

Drum roll please… She chose design #2 – Rose Gold Glam!!!!

I am so happy she trusted me to create these designs for her space. I’m still working on the designs for the rest of the room, so I’ll be sharing those soon. Which design do you like the best???


31 thoughts on “Rose Gold Glam

  1. I really like your choices. I love rose gold and would love to incorporate it into my home decor. Iโ€™m so use to decorating with silver and greys.

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      1. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ I love that idea!!!!!! I’m almost finished with redecorating my room, but we do have another room in the house that needs work.


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