Feeling Fear

Feeling Fear

Lately, I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed with fear and doubt, so I wanted to figure out how to get rid of that sinking feeling. I’ve decided to stop treating fear likeΒ the ultimate enemy and start treating it like a lifelong friend. I realized fear has walked with me my entire life, hell, I was probably scared to come out of the womb. I have feared feeling fear for way too long. So many times I have been told to get over my fears, to face fear like an opponent, to not let it drive me, but what would happen if I just embraced it? What if I took fear by the hand and said we’re gonna do this together?

I’ve decided to let fear push me, the way it did when I begged my daddy to take the training wheels off my bike. He warned me that I might fall, and I was scared as hell, but I was ready. Fear was right there with me, as I took off and as I fell off the bike. I realize it wasn’t the fear that hurt me, it was gravity.

I’ve decided to feel fear. Fear is just a feeling, you have to determine the reason why you’re feeling it. Is it to keep you safe or is it giving you adrenaline to get through a situation? Take the negative connotation out of the word and redefine it. Fear can’t hurt you but how you react to fear can.

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3 thoughts on “Feeling Fear

  1. I love this post! I think it’s good to face all our feelings. I also think it’s good to try not to label different feelings as “good” or “bad”. Feelings are feelings. I’ve enjoyed meeting younger people through blogging – it’s great to see that people of all ages have wisdom to offer.

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