Hallmark Christmas Movies Worth Watching

Hallmark Christmas Movies Worth Watching

A few weeks ago the Hallmark Channel announced they will be premiering 33 new original movies for the 2017 holiday season. Not all of them are worth watching… yeah, I said it. Although I’m not a fan of Hallmark’s lack of diversity in their cheesy ass movies, I’m still a sucker for those cheesy ass movies. 

Hallmark Christmas Movies Worth Watching

They’re 100% unrealistic, the storylines are basic AF, and the storylines are recycled a million times along with the actors. The single mom struggling at Christmas; the woman who falls for a prince/king but is rejected by his family; the woman who falls in love with a guy she just met on a bus or airplane (most of the time she’s already in a relationship); and let’s not forget the single woman who chose a career over love then comes to regret it – she either gets sent to an alternate reality or goes back to her hometown for Christmas to find her high school sweetheart, they get married, have 3 kids, and she becomes a stay at home mom. Sorry for spoiling 90 % of all Hallmark’s movies lol.

Hallmark Christmas Movies Worth Watching

Even though I kinda hate the Hallmark Christmas movies I still kinda love them. They’re feel-good movies, with an automatic happy ending – you get a husband, you get a husband, every white woman in these movies gets a husband!!! So, I decided to compile a list of the best ones that are sorta different from the norm – along with some non-Hallmark Christmas movies that are worth seeing this holiday season. These aren’t a part of the new Hallmark movies, only a few out of the 33 have premiered, but these are a few movies they’ll be showing in between the new ones.

Hallmark Movies

A Boyfriend for Christmas

Most Wonderful Time of Year

The Christmas Note – It’s kinda linked to another Hallmark movie The Christmas Secret

A Princess for Christmas – Slightly similar to A Royal Christmas and A Crown for Christmas

A Perfect Christmas

A Grandpa for Christmas

Matchmaker Santa

November Christmas

A Season for Miracles

Non-Hallmark TV Movies

Silent Night – Not the horror movie, the one with Linda Hamilton

Home by Christmas – Also starring Linda Hamilton

The Christmas Hope

Heaven Sent

The Flight Before Christmas – If you grew up watching 90’s sitcoms, you’ll love it!

Dear Santa – It’s decent, but the main character’s name is Crystal, so I guess it’s good enough.

A Diva’s Christmas Carol – My ALL TIME favorite!

Be on the lookout for these movies, I think they’re worth watching. Let me know what you think! Also, I’d love to know your favorite holiday movies.

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10 thoughts on “Hallmark Christmas Movies Worth Watching

  1. My husband and I liked A Boyfriend For Christmas! He hates most other romantic comedies (and I confess I can’t seem to enjoy them either) but something about this one was just so good. So silly and out there.

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  2. I’m about to go off on a tangent…

    “the woman who falls in love with a guy she just met on a bus or airplane” lmao yes. It’s so tired. Like, just stop. It actually reminds me of Idris Elba’s new movie with Kate Hudson “The Mountain Between Us” *rolls eyes til I need Visine* and even though I been stanning for Idrissa since 2009 I REFUSE to go see it because of the plot. #Icant #Iwont

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