Hallmark Christmas Movies Worth Watching

A few weeks ago the Hallmark Channel announced they will be premiering 33 new original movies for the 2017 holiday season. Not all of them are worth watching… yeah, I said it. Although I’m not a fan of Hallmark’s lack of diversity in their cheesy ass movies, I’m still a sucker for those cheesy ass movies. 

Hallmark Christmas Movies Worth Watching

They’re 100% unrealistic, the storylines are basic AF, and the storylines are recycled a million times along with the actors. The single mom struggling at Christmas; the woman who falls for a prince/king but is rejected by his family; the woman who falls in love with a guy she just met on a bus or airplane (most of the time she’s already in a relationship); and let’s not forget the single woman who chose a career over love then comes to regret it – she either gets sent to an alternate reality or goes back to her hometown for Christmas to find her high school sweetheart, they get married, have 3 kids, and she becomes a stay at home mom. Sorry for spoiling 90 % of all Hallmark’s movies lol.

Hallmark Christmas Movies Worth Watching

Even though I kinda hate the Hallmark Christmas movies I still kinda love them. They’re feel-good movies, with an automatic happy ending – you get a husband, you get a husband, every white woman in these movies gets a husband!!! So, I decided to compile a list of the best ones that are sorta different from the norm – along with some non-Hallmark Christmas movies that are worth seeing this holiday season. These aren’t a part of the new Hallmark movies, only a few out of the 33 have premiered, but these are a few movies they’ll be showing in between the new ones.

Hallmark Movies

A Boyfriend for Christmas

Most Wonderful Time of Year

The Christmas Note – It’s kinda linked to another Hallmark movie The Christmas Secret

A Princess for Christmas – Slightly similar to A Royal Christmas and A Crown for Christmas

A Perfect Christmas

A Grandpa for Christmas

Matchmaker Santa

November Christmas

A Season for Miracles

Non-Hallmark TV Movies

Silent Night – Not the horror movie, the one with Linda Hamilton

Home by Christmas – Also starring Linda Hamilton

The Christmas Hope

Heaven Sent

The Flight Before Christmas – If you grew up watching 90’s sitcoms, you’ll love it!

Dear Santa – It’s decent, but the main character’s name is Crystal, so I guess it’s good enough.

A Diva’s Christmas Carol – My ALL TIME favorite!

Be on the lookout for these movies, I think they’re worth watching. Let me know what you think! Also, I’d love to know your favorite holiday movies.

11 thoughts on “Hallmark Christmas Movies Worth Watching

  1. My husband and I liked A Boyfriend For Christmas! He hates most other romantic comedies (and I confess I can’t seem to enjoy them either) but something about this one was just so good. So silly and out there.

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  2. I’m about to go off on a tangent…

    “the woman who falls in love with a guy she just met on a bus or airplane” lmao yes. It’s so tired. Like, just stop. It actually reminds me of Idris Elba’s new movie with Kate Hudson “The Mountain Between Us” *rolls eyes til I need Visine* and even though I been stanning for Idrissa since 2009 I REFUSE to go see it because of the plot. #Icant #Iwont

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