Glasses Allowed

As someone who wears glasses, I always feel conflicted about wearing them with formal attire. Kinda like, formal attire = NO GLASSES ALLOWED! Well, I’m tired of being blind at formal functions and events. You can totally rock eyeglasses with anything, so I decided to incorporate them into a more formal look. The Eugene frames (in the color Pacific Slate) are a part of Warby Parker’s winter 2017 collection. I think they pair well with the navy and heavy red lace mini dress from Self-Portrait.

Eugene Eyeglasses in Pacific Slate from Warby Parker

After viewing Warby Parker’s entire collection, I decided to create more sets featuring my favorite pairs.

Felix Eyeglasses in Sandalwood Matters from Warby Parker

Glasses Allowed

Glasses Allowed
Eugene Small Eyeglasses in Rosewood Tortoise from Warby Parker

These are just a few frames from Warby Parker’s dope winter collection, you have to check it out! Hey… Christmas is coming up, so go ahead and add eyeglasses to your Christmas list. You’ll thank me later.

Glasses Allowed
Warby Parker’s Winter 2017 Collection

17 thoughts on “Glasses Allowed

    1. I completely agree!!! You just have to have the confidence to just put them on and go. I’m starting to consider getting multiple pairs for different occasions, but that can get a little expensive.

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