Everything Wrong With Sex and the City

Sex and the City is one of my favorite shows of all time. I started watching it when I was 10; my parents didn’t really do a good job of monitoring my TV time lol. I just had to be quick enough to hit the return button on the remote during the sex scenes. After almost 20 years of watching it, the show is more applicable to my life now than it has ever been. I’ve had a few heartbreaks, I’m dealing with fuckboys like Big and Richard Wright, I’ve fallen out with friends, and of course, I’ve had sex lol. I’m watching Sex and the City as I write this, the episode where Big goes to visit Carrie at Aiden’s cabin because he’s heartbroken over some actress who’s playing mind games with him (nothing but karma, if you ask me). It’s funny how it’s taken 20 years of watching this show, for me to realize just how fucked up these characters were.

Everything Thing Wrong With Sex and the City


It looks like Carrie has it all, a great career, a decent apartment in the city, and the best wardrobe. For me, Carrie’s career is #lifegoals, well… in the later seasons and the movies. In the beginning, she didn’t have shit! Excuse my language. She was broke with a shoe addiction. Before she got her book deal and started working for Vogue, she was always living beyond her means to get those infamous Manolo Blahniks.

Everything Thing Wrong With Sex and the City

Carrie was a down to earth, cool individual, but she was also stubborn, impulsive, and played the victim a lot! That whole situation with Mr. Big didn’t have to go on that long. Especially after he didn’t want her to go to Paris with him, then he comes back a few months later, engaged!!!! Girl bye! I don’t want to be judgmental because I would probably say that I identify with Carrie the most, but a lot of the negative things she experienced, she either brought on herself or allowed it to continue.

Everything Thing Wrong With Sex and the City


Charlotte, the purest of the four women, had impeccable taste when it came to her wardrobe and her apartment. She was caring, kind, and thoughtful, but she is also uptight, annoying, borderline snooty, spoiled, and sometimes insufferable. Charlotte expected perfection in everything. She was desperately searching for the perfect man and at the first sign of imperfection she wrote the guy off. Remember the guy who asked her for oral sex during foreplay – yeah, she dumped him. Then she thought her marriage to Trey was going to be perfect until he couldn’t get it 🍆 up – yeah that didn’t last long either. Charlotte was the absolute worst lol.

Everything Thing Wrong With Sex and the City


Uptight (not as much as Charlotte), judgmental, critical, cold, know it all, hard to like, that’s Miranda. She never had a good storyline until she got pregnant with Steve’s baby. The heffa wasn’t even going to tell him she was pregnant. Geez, Miranda! In all her flaws, she was extremely bright, successful, and turned out to be a decent person. My perception of Miranda changed during the final season after she married Steve and helped him with his mother who was suffering from dementia. I always appreciated her ability to think rationally, she was usually right about most things. Like the time she was 100% right about Carrie and the Russian, Carrie was just too stubborn to listen.

Everything Thing Wrong With Sex and the City


Last but not least, the biggest thot in tv history, Samantha. She put the sex in Sex and the City. Most of what I know about sex, came from her lol. What I hated most about Samantha, was that she was mostly one dimensional – sex, sex, sex, and more sex. It took years for her to have a storyline that wasn’t centered around sex – when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. But somehow they still brought sex into it. Oh well… it was interesting to see her in a more serious light.

Everything Thing Wrong With Sex and the City

It seems that everything wrong with Sex and the City is what makes it so right. The characters are extremely flawed, as we all are irl. I can see myself in each of the characters. I try to live in the moment like Carrie, express my feelings like Charlotte, think like Miranda, and be a friend like Samantha. But I’ve also been irresponsible like Carrie, critical like Charlotte and Miranda, and been scared to open up like Samantha. I was really hoping for a Sex and the City 3, but that’s not going to happen, no thanks to Kim Cattrall! This show has shaped me in so many ways – the fashion, the careers, the relationships, the friendships. Sex and the City will forever be top 5 for me. *Drake voice* Top 5, top 5, top 5!

Everything Thing Wrong With Sex and the City

20 thoughts on “Everything Wrong With Sex and the City

  1. Agreed! Carrie was irresponsible and if I knew a Charlotte I wouldn’t be able to even deal 😂 love that unmonitored tv time I remember the days. Now I have my own kid to helicopter lol

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  2. This post almost made me cry because it is so on point and it’s exactly how I feel about it. Like you, I got around rules about TV pretty easily and grew up watching Sex & the City. Also like you, it taught me a lot of what I knew about sex and relationships at the time. Though it’s characters are flawed, it was a good reference point to realize what I should avoid doing as an adult. We’ve all lived beyond our means (still do at times), fallen for a Mr. Big or been a little too thotty for our own good, etc. Love the show and it’s absolutely Top 5. Love your writing and this post!!

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