Weird things about me

Awkward, odd, unusual, weird – whatever you wanna call it, that’s me. It’s become my normal, so I decided to just embrace it. Being awkward is kinda cool. Well, in my opinion, it is; it’s a part of my introvert charm.

Here are 5 weird things about me (Please don’t judge me lol):

  1. I have weird phobias – I DO NOT like Christmas trees with the lights turned off in a dark room or any tall dark object in a dark room. It freaks me out!!!
  2. I detest (DETEST) the words – tummy, belly, poot, piss (the verb). They make me want to gnash my teeth!
  3. I’ve been eating fruit loops by color for 20+ years. They have to be eaten in the same order – orange, yellow, red, green, purple, then blue. And they CANNOT overlap.
  4. I sit in my car A LOT. I will go to a store and sit in the parking lot for 30 mins or more. Most of the time I’m just people watching or in my own thoughts. Part of it is anxiety, I have to mentally prepare myself to go into public places, but I also do it when I get home. So idk…
  5. I am extremely competitive, in non-competitive situations lol. Driving, getting in line, getting a good parking spot at work. (Side note: I was parking in the same spot for months, my coworker all of a sudden switched his schedule and decided it was his spot now, I try my best to beat him to work every morning lol, I swear he does it on purpose!) I compete with people who have no earthly idea that I’m competing with them.

I’m pretty sure this list can go into the double digits, but I think this is a good stopping point. What can I say? I’m weird AF!

Weird things about me

16 thoughts on “Weird things about me

  1. I totally get the car thing! For me it’s the idea of having to change my situation. Like I’ve been in the car for so many minutes and do I really want to change again?? Though these days I get yelled at by the little guy in the back if I linger too long lol. But if I’m alone? I luxuriate in the car hahah.

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    1. Yeah… I would avoid the garage lol! I don’t know how you do it. My parents once left our Christmas tree up for an entire year in the corner of our living room. I avoided the living room all year, except during daylight. 😂

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  2. I sit in my car and eat on my lunch break when I don’t feel like being bothered by my coworkers. Most times I fall asleep there lol. Car naps are crucial to surviving the 9-5 but not getting a crook in your neck is kinda tricky. Love this post

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