Solo Trippin

Last week, I went on my first solo vacation to Pensacola Beach, Florida. I drove a little over five hours from Atlanta, scared, nervous, but overall excited. I put together a little video of my trip.

This experience was absolutely amazing!!! I’ll do a follow up post with a few pros and cons. Thanks for watching!

Music: 20 Something by SZA

16 thoughts on “Solo Trippin

    1. It was a little scary and lonely, but forcing myself out of my comfort zone was a great accomplishment. I didn’t want to let myself down and miss out on anything. And realizing that no one knows you and you’ll never see those people again helps to let down the inhibitions. 😀

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    1. If you can do all of those things by yourself, I think you’d be fine going on a solo vacation. The hardest part for me was eating alone, but if you’re comfortable with that then I think you’d definitely enjoy it.


  1. I love solo travelling – it’s one of my favourite ways to travel. It’s exciting and nerve-wracking all at once! Plus, you get to meet some pretty awesome people as well.
    Great post! 🙂
    Will you solo travel again?

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    1. Thank you so much!!!! If I don’t pick up a second job for the holidays, I will be going on another solo trip for Thanksgiving and possibly Christmas! After I got the first trip out of the way I’ve become obsessed lol

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    1. It was booming the first night because it was labor, but after that it was significantly less people. I went to the boardwalk and walked past one of the bars and it pretty empty so was the restaurant I ate at. I think it’s a good vacation spot for older people, families, or introverts lol.


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