Vacation Attire

First things first, please forgive the wrinkles, I took most of my pictures at the end of the night. With my vacation coming up in a few days, I decided to relive my last vacation.

Vacation Attire

I hate mirror pics, but I just had to get a picture of the whole outfit, and no one else will work hard to get a good angle lol. My family decided to make us wear all white for our family reunion banquet, and it actually turned out really nice. Of course I was the flyest one there, because I’m the Kim K West of my family!

Vacation Attire

I loved this dress! It’s in the top 5 of all the dresses I’ve ever worn. Lane Bryant did good with this one! I planned on styling the look with more accessories, but I was feeling the minimalist vibe and decided to let the dress speak for itself, I’m not mad at the result.

Vacation Attire

What can I say? I was totally feeling myself! Counting down to my Labor Day vacation as we speak (or as I write the post lol).Vacation Attire

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