MAC Cosmetics National Lipstick Day Disaster

On National lipstick day MAC Cosmetics decided to give out free lipsticks. Sounds great right? Yeah… no. I was on vacation in a country part of Georgia, so I came to the conclusion in my mind that country women don’t care too much about MAC, I was wrong lol. My sister and I pulled up to the Dillard’s and there were about 30 people waiting outside, and we’re like ok cool we should definitely be able to get a lipstick. That moment of joy was short-lived. We heard there was a line that formed inside the mall in front of the store; that line was long as hell! People started feeling uneasy, yelling and banging on the door. They finally let us in, and everyone’s rushing over to the counter. There’s no organization, no roped off areas, and you could tell they were completely unprepared. It was a total shit show.

MAC Cosmetics National Lipstick Day Disaster

Initially, there were only two people working, that definitely wasn’t going to work. They told us that they weren’t going to hand the lipsticks until we got in a single file line, but when you had people come in from two different entrances, how is that supposed to work out fairly? They parted the line at the middle of the long ass line and made two lines. The staff never communicated to the overall crowd the number of lipsticks they had in stock, which would’ve been beneficial. But according to a few customers who were fortunate enough to get a free lipstick they only 3 color options (pink, green, and blue) and they only had 93 total lipsticks to hand out. I guess they assumed that people would stick around and buy something even after they stood in a long ass line for nothing. Once they ran out, they began handing out these little raggedy samples. And the crowd dispersed, disappointed and frustrated.

MAC Cosmetics National Lipstick Day Disaster

I understand why MAC thought this was a good idea. They have more competitors now than they ever had before, and they have to compete. But to be honest, they are pretty much a subpar cosmetics company when it comes to quality. I wasn’t terribly heartbroken about not getting a free lipstick (I know where to go for better), I was just mad that I wasted time, when they could’ve handed out tickets upfront like other stores did or been more upfront about how many they had to begin with. They could’ve been more prepared and organized with one line at one entrance. We’ll see if they’ll do this again next year, I’m kinda hoping they won’t.

MAC Cosmetics National Lipstick Day Disaster

12 thoughts on “MAC Cosmetics National Lipstick Day Disaster

    1. Lol! Girl, it was a complete waste of time. And the colors they had weren’t that great. I heard stories about other stores having a better selection and they gave out numbers and tickets, I don’t know why that wasn’t the standard for all stores. Smh…


  1. That sucks. I thought about going to mac but I ultimately decided not to. They should’ve been better equipped to handle all the people. They should’ve known people were going to come out by the dozens! It’s free! I saw other companies offering free lipstick with purchasing another item. They could’ve done something like that. Or if they only had a certain number of product to give out, they could’ve advertised free lipstick to the first 100 people and given each person a ticket. No ticket, no lipstick!

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    1. Exactly!!! I just couldn’t understand why they didn’t think of those things. Especially since I heard about other stores giving out tickets and numbers. It just didn’t make sense.

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  2. Spot on! I actually went to the mall in search of something @ Sephora anyway that day and decided to ask one of the guys who worked @ the Nordstrom MAC if they still had lipsticks left (This was at 1 PM, silly me). He looked at me like I had grown a third unicorn horn out of my ear and said [with a heck of an attitude], “We ran out hours ago”. Yeah — no follow up, no ‘would you like to try any other products’, etc. Ummm?? Where’s the customer service? Needless to say, I hardly buy anything @ MAC anymore (why? No coupons, and a heck of a lot of attitude!!!) and people often forget that if you keep your old containers and turn in 6 of them, they’ll give you a free lipstick (or lip gloss if you go to their actual store). So what’s the hype? I’ll just stay home & order a funky shade of Kylie Cosmetics, so not worth it!!

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    1. EXACTLY!!! I don’t even go to MAC anymore and I have enough empty containers to get a few free lipsticks, but I don’t really care too much for their products anymore other than the foundation and concealers. There are sooo many other companies that do cosmetics better. I won’t be wasting my time next year. 🙂

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