Millennial Playlist

I could go into a little spiel about the music I listen to, but let’s just jump into my millennial playlist.

  1. SZA I don’t mean to sound so millennial, but SZA is dope AF! If you haven’t heard her new album Ctrl, you are seriously missing out. It’s sort of like alternative r&b. It’s a little pop, indie, r&b, hiphop. It’s everything!Millennial Playlist
  2. Kendrick Lamar – I’m not a total K.Dot fan, but the DAMN album was damn good! Well written, well thought out, and well put together. I cannot deny his skill and genius.Millennial Playlist
  3. Drake – So what if he hasn’t put out a hit for summer 17, people are still playing his old shit lol. He can’t do any wrong in my eyes. He’s been on my millennial playlist for 10 years and he isn’t going anywhere.Millennial Playlist
  4. DJ Khaled – Why do millennials love DJ Khaled? I don’t really know. Maybe it’s his infectious positive attitude, or his talent for making catchy anthems, especially in the summertime (currently singing Wild Thoughts). Or, perhaps it’s his meme worthy catchphrases, “Another one.” Whatever it is, he’s just dope. Millennial Playlist
  5. Jay Z – Like Kendrick Lamar, I’m not a big fan of Jay Z. I merely tolerate him because he’s Beyonce’s husband lol, but I give credit where credit is due, and 4:44 deserves a tremendous amount of credit. The album was filled with growth; growth as an artist, husband, father, and man. This was his “Formation” for men. Thank you Jay Z for showing the men of my generation that it’s okay to grow up and get your shit together.Millennial Playlist

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