How to flirt on social media

You’d think that millennials would have learned how to flirt on social media by now, being that we were the first to use it, but nope! My generation has taken a hard right turn past flirting and gone straight to sex. The thirst is real out here! So as a low-key social media flirt, I’m actively participating in this whole social media flirting thing, and I am trying to walk the line between flirting and thirsting. I thought I’d share some of what I’ve learned over the years – how to flirt on social media (without looking thirsty).

Don’t expect anything

If you think he or she will show up at your door begging to be with you, you’re doing too much. They may be oblivious to your flirting, they may not be single, or they may not be interested. It’s okay​ – just take it for what it is.

How to flirt on social media

Stay out of the DMs

The quickest way to look thirsty is to hit someone up via direct messaging. Don’t be surprised when that message never gets “Read.” If you really want to say something to them, leave a comment. The rule may be different for men and women. A single woman will be more receptive to a public comment, it gives her the notion that you’re not trying to make her a secret fuck-buddy. A single man may be more receptive to a DM, but we all know what he’ll be thinking the moment he gets that DM. There are exceptions to every rule, but… most likely not in this case.

How to flirt on social media

Don’t overdo it

Liking a pic from 47 weeks ago makes you look creepy. If you really like the person, of course you’re going to scroll your way through 3 past relationships, 10 vacations, and countless selfies and memes. Watch those fingers when you’re scrolling and zooming in on those pics. Like a few pictures, more than 1, but no more than 6 and go no further than 4 weeks. This all depends on how often they post, they may have posted 100 times in the last 4 weeks or once, so keep that in mind and use your best judgement. Watch a few of their stories and live vids, but don’t stalk them lol. Show you’re interested in what they have to say, but don’t make it look like you hang on every word they say/type.

How to flirt on social media

Chill with the emojis​

This goes along with not overdoing it – DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT send the following emojis: 😝😛😜🤤🍆🍑. There are a few others, but you get the gist of what I’m saying. Remember this is just flirting, keep all tongues, penis and ass like emojis out of your social media flirting vocabulary if you actually want to get to know the person. Appropriate emojis: ☺️❤️😍. If the person reacts to your flirting and a conversation ensues you may find this emoji 😘 to be appropriate. The appropriate emojis can be used in conjunction with other platonic emojis.

Appropriate = Beautiful 😍
Not appropriate = Sexy 🤤😛🍑 🍆
Appropriate = ❤❤️❤️️
Not appropriate = Hey zaddy!

One, the use of the non-word “zaddy” needs to die and two the “not appropriate” comments have thirst written all over them.

How to flirt on social media

Social media = fantasy

Most people aren’t who they appear to be on social media. People generally showcase their lives through literal filters. I’m guilty of this lol. If you’ve never met them in actual real life, just know that you are probably getting a rose colored version of the person.

How to flirt on social media

Know when to move on

You’ve followed them on FB, IG, and Snapchat, you’ve liked 5 pics on Instagram and 4 statuses on Facebook, you’ve left 3 comments, and you’ve received no response, it’s time to move on. If they’ve responded by simply liking your comments, move on. They’re most likely not interested and are just trying to be polite. If they’ve responded to your comments analyze that behavior lol. Have they responded in a conversational tone, creating room for more dialogue or did they hit you with the one word response shutting down your hopes of a conversation? Did they respond by liking some of your pics and statuses too? If so, continue flirting. If they start commenting on your posts, shoot your shot!

How to flirt on social media

Wait! Hold up! Before you shoot that shot, make sure you’re not overthinking their interaction. They could be bored or lonely at the moment, so feel things out before you make your move.

Do not flirt with taken people

Thank you AP Young for this tip – I don’t know how I forgot about this one. Last, but certainly not least, DO NOT flirt with people who are spoken for. For the people who don’t know what that means – if they are married (both legally and common law married), it also covers people who are clearly in a relationship or exclusively dating someone (they have taken pictures on three or more separate occasions and it seems that they are a little more than chummy), just leave them alone. Also, if you are married or in a relationship, keep your likes, comments, and DMs to yourself!!! Ol cheating ass lol!

And that my friends is how to flirt on social media.

23 thoughts on “How to flirt on social media

  1. Lol it is so crazy to me that this even has to be said but you are so right! I’m notorious for ignoring comments and DMS bc I’m married. My bio says married but no one listens! That should be your next tip; READ THE BIO.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Oh my gosh!!!! How in the world did I miss that lol! I guess because I’m single, but then again I don’t know how many married men or men who are clearly in relationships have hit me up being inappropriate. I’m going to add that in! Thank you!!! 🙂


    1. 😂😂😂 I don’t think I know how to flirt in person anymore lol. It’s just harder to do these days. Thank you so much for reading my post! ❤️ Let me know if you came across someone who was flirting lol!


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