Worst Beyoncé Songs

I want to start off by saying I love Beyoncé, I really do. I came up with the idea for this post while listening to a Beyoncé playlist and I found myself skipping through the songs more than I thought I would. With that said, let’s jump into the 10 worst Beyoncé songs (in my opinion):

Worst Beyoncé Songs

1. Blow

I HATE this song lol. I don’t really know why, but I don’t think I’ve ever made it through the entire song.

2. If

Snooze fest… that is all.’

Worst Beyoncé Songs

3. At Last

Beyoncé’s version of At Last wasn’t up to par. It was okay for the first dance at President Obama’s inauguration ball, but I’ve heard a better cover of that song… *cough Christina Aguilera cough*.

4. Scared of Lonely


5. Schoolin’ Life

It sounds like she was singing over an eighties sitcom intro. Ugh… I hate this song!!!

Worst Beyoncé Songs

6. Rather Die Young

The title is off putting lol. Can you tell the 4 album wasn’t my favorite?

7. Rocket

“Let me sit this assssss on ya.” *turns song*

8. Daddy Lessons

It’s okay… like it really didn’t do anything for Lemonade.

9. Party Ft. Andre 3000

This is not Beyoncé’s fault. Andre 3000’s verse ruins the song, which is probably why they switched it out for J Cole’s verse on the radio version. That decision saved the song.

10. Dance for you

Okay it was really hard to come up with 10, so I don’t exactly hate this song. I have to be in a certain mood to listen to this one.

Bey Hive please don’t give me any crap about this list, I know she ain’t worried about my lil list lol. In the words of Kanye West, “Jay Z, I know you got killas, please don’t send them at my head.” This is only a small percentage of Beyoncé’s music catalog and it was hard to come up with a full list of the worst Beyoncé songs. Once again, I love Queen Bey!

Worst Beyoncé Songs



12 thoughts on “Worst Beyoncé Songs

  1. I thought I was going to be shocked reading this list but I actually agree with most lol. I loved Daddy Lessons though, mainly because it reminded me of the times my daddy warned me about certain guys. I think they outplayed Dance For You when it came out.. oh also Drunk In Love!

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  2. Girl I love “Rocket” “Party” and “Dance for You.” When Rocket and Dance For You come on I think of my husband a and I know EVERY word to Party. I disagree with the list because I love “At Last” too the rest of the songs I haven’t heard.

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    1. I like Party, I just hate the Andre 3000 verse, but the other songs… I just can’t listen to them lol. Her version of At Last wasn’t bad, but it doesn’t touch the original Etta James version and Christina’s version. I know it can be hard to read something you disagree with, but thank you for making it through my list lol.

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  3. I’m not surprised about daddy lessons. I think you’re average black girl wouldn’t like it but it reminds me of some of the music you hear in Louisiana which is where I’m from and blow is a fave. Dance for you is bae music can’t consign that one rocket grew on me, it’s the way she sings it. I thought you’d puts XO I hate that song and I also hate rather die young 🤔

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    1. Daddy lessons just doesn’t do anything for me. I liked it when she sang it with the Dixie Chicks and I liked the idea of it and that southern, Louisiana flare, but it didn’t make Lemonade any better or worse, it was just there lol. I actually love XO, it grew on me tho.


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