DIY Headboard

In a previous blog post I mentioned that I would be designing/decorating my childhood bedroom and making a DIY headboard in an attempt to make myself more comfortable living at home and more importantly to prove to myself that I can actually do this. I want to be an interior designer and the doubt started creeping into my mind, so I needed prove something to myself with this project. I have been working on the room for the past 5 weeks and I’m almost done. After watching HGTV and other home improvement channels for well over a decade, I figured I would a be a pro at this. I quickly learned that it’s a million times harder than it looks on tv. But even though I’m way behind the schedule I originally set for myself and completely over budget, this experience has been amazing!!! Although, I’m not here to unveil my room just yet, I did want to show a mini project within the larger project, my DIY headboard.

DIY Headboard

I’ve wanted a tufted headboard for years now. When I worked for The Home Depot’s – Home Decorators Collection, I would have to look at them all the time. The price of a tufted headboard just wasn’t in my budget. A few years ago, I was on this little thing called YouTube, watching DIY videos and I came across a few decent DIY headboards. There was one video in particular that caught my attention, where a girl used foam poster boards to make her DIY headboard, and I knew immediately that I could make my own. Cut to a few years later and here we are.


My headboard is about 80-82 inches long the height is about 31 inches. I have a queen sized bed and I wanted to give it a daybed look. The headboard perfectly fits the length of the bed.

Here’s a list of what I used:

  • 10 foam poster boards from Dollar Tree
  • 2 packs of batting from Michaels – always use a coupon!!! Or you can use a twin mattress topper
  • 1 metallic curtain panel from Target – going to a fabric store will give you more and probably better options, but I fell in love with the fabric of the curtain
  • 1 pack of Crystal Upholstery Buttons from Amazon
  • 1 long sewing needle and upholstery thread from Michaels
  • 1 glue gun and 1 pack of glue sticks from Michaels – if you use a glue gun DON’T be cheap and get the small one
  • 1 heavy duty staple gun with a pack of extra staples from Michaels – looking back, I would probably only use a staple gun. It helps you move along a lot faster
  • 2 yardsticks to measure the tufts

Problems I encountered:

  • I had to get extra batting to get a deeper tuft – it was a hit to my budget and leads me into the 2nd problem
  • The fabric wasn’t long enough. I didn’t take into account that adding thickness to the headboard would shorten the fabric on the sides, then tufting it shortened the fabric even more. One end still doesn’t look right lol. Update: I got a seam ripper to get a few more inches to stretch around that one side.
  • Measuring for the tufts was a headache!!! I ended up measuring as best I could, using a sharpie to mark the tufts and saying fuck it! Don’t use a sharpie lol, get one of those fabric pencils from a craft store.
  • Tufting it was a bitch!!! That upholstery thread was sharp and it tore my fingers up when I had to pull the thread tight to create the tuft. Suggestion – use a staple gun to create the tufts, then hot glue the buttons in.
  • The length of the headboard was hard to deal with at times. I didn’t really have help throughout the majority of the process. My sister helped me put on the first pack of batting and she helped me get the headboard on the wall, but that was it. I managed to deal with the length, but it would’ve been easier with an extra set of hands throughout the entire process.
  • UPDATE: This shit fell off the wall LMAO! I used 4 command strips, one of which took some paint of the wall… like dude, I just paid to have the wall painted. Can I sue the people who make command strips? Lol. The plan is to take some portrait wire and string it across the top of the headboard and use hooks to hold it up. We’ll see how this works out.

Please excuse the mess in the background. My parents were doing some serious laundry.

My camera work sucks, I know…

Overall I love it and I’m extremely happy with it! Of course I need to fix that one fugly end, but a little fabric glue, and I probably won’t notice it. I would seriously encourage anyone to make their own. I spent about a fourth of what it would cost to buy at this size. There are so many ways you can cut costs – use old curtains or sheets, borrow a staple gun or hot glue gun instead of buying your own, depending on the size foam boards are a great affordable option. If you need help or have any questions feel free to contact me or if you’ve made your own, please share your pics and stories!!!


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