New Year No Resolutions

The clock struck 12 about 28 hours ago, making 2017 official! Do a little dance with me as we celebrate the end of the most treacherous year. Personally, 2016 wasn’t that bad. I got a decent job that doesn’t drive me crazy, I gained financial independence and stability, and I learned a great deal about myself. Now that brings me to 2017, I have a New Year, no resolutions mentality.

New Year No Resolutions

I don’t like to make resolutions, because I believe they set you up for failure. Resolutions are short-lived and I ain’t got time for that, so instead of making resolutions, I set at least one major yearlong REALISTIC goal. This year the goal is to pay off my car. It’s going to take some sacrifice, and maybe even take me getting a second job, but I’m willing to work for it. Of course I set other (mini) goals throughout the year, but this one is a kicker. I’m so over having a car note and I’m setting myself up for my “Before I hit 30” goals.

Now that I’ve gotten my yearlong goal set, let the work begin! What are your New Year’s resolutions or goals?

New Year No Resolutions

5 thoughts on “New Year No Resolutions

      1. I seriously think you’re off to a great start. I really like your perspective. We need more black men in the blog world! I think I can make a few suggestions: I would say be consistent in posting, but at a pace that you’re most comfortable with. Create categories and tags for your posts. If your’re comfortable, link your social media pages so your posts will be shared automatically – if you link a twitter page, you will be able to use hashtags. Engage, engage, engage with readers and other bloggers, it is the best way to build a following and it’s nice to have people to interact with. You can also share your posts through other sites like Medium to get exposure. DO NOT get discouraged, I have some posts no one liked lol. Revamp and invest in your blog after a few months, buy your domain, change the theme – some of them are reasonably priced. I have a One Millennial Girl Facebook page, I use it to boost my posts, it actually works. I waited a few months to actually start making changes and investing in my blog, so don’t feel like you have to do all of those things asap or at all. Make sure you feel right about the direction you want to go with everything. Take your time and get comfortable with your blog. Keep it as real and authentic as possible, your perspective on life as a black millennial father is refreshing.

        I can’t think of anything else at the moment, but if you have any questions feel free to email me


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