Millennial Problems: Job Hunting Is Worse Than Dating

Have you ever been on a date you thought was going well? The chemistry was right, the conversation was flowing, you’re all excited for date #2. You wait and wait, but the person never calls nor do they return your calls and texts. Well, go ahead and substitute the word date for interview, because they are now one in the same. It’s official, job hunting is worse dating!

Over the last four years I have been on more interviews than dates, and the heartbreak seems to have come more from the former than the latter. My resume has been swiped left so many times I started doubting the validity of my own experience. To be clear, I have a job, one that I like. My frustration comes from my search for a second job, one that would’ve put me on my dream career path to become a stylist. I had an opportunity to meet with the co-founder of this particular company, she told me to apply, and of course I did. I received a response asking me to create 3 looks and send them my creations. I worked extremely hard on my sets and sent them in well before the deadline. I’m not really mad that I wasn’t chosen for the position, my frustration lies with the fact that I wasn’t sent a confirmation and I wasn’t sent a rejection.

If you add up the amount of time I spent checking my email between the hours of 8am and 1am looking for a response from the company, you’d think I was crazy; this obsessive email checking went on for weeks. It’s the equivalent of checking your phone a million times a day to see if your date called or texted you. Oh well! I now know the position wasn’t for me, but I still think these jobs should be upfront and honest. Tell me my resume wasn’t attractive enough, tell me I wouldn’t be a good fit for you, or that you want to see other people, just tell me something!!! Oh yeah, when people tell you “you’ll find something” that’s another way of saying “there’s plenty of fish in the sea” and I don’t want to hear that shit! I’m not looking for just anything, I’m trying to find the one. I’ll just have to find another way to get my foot in the door.

Yes, job hunting is worse than dating, so if you’re on a job hunt, I wish you the best of luck! It’s extremely hard out here. Stay optimistic and hopeful, but know that some of these jobs have “f**kboy” tendencies, so don’t expect too much.

12 thoughts on “Millennial Problems: Job Hunting Is Worse Than Dating

  1. I feel your pain Crystal 😭 It’s like a never ending cycle. We just have to hope for the best. Your sets are brilliant and any company would be lucky to have you. I hope you find something soon. ❤

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      1. I know it does 😦 I’m in the same boat and sometime I find myself wondering if I’ll ever find a job lol silly I know but even amidst that feeling, I know its just for a while. So just keep hanging in there 🙂

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  2. I’ve been in my career for over 20 years, and job searching unfortunately doesn’t get any easier. There a few things I’ve learned though that help you stand out from the rest of the crowded list of applicants.

    – Always get a contact email or card from the person that interviews you (can affect the decision, not HR). Send them a two or three sentence follow-up thanking them for their time, you enjoyed meeting them, and you look forward to the next step. Prompts them to send a reply regardless of the outcome.
    – After about 5-7 days, send another email inquiring about the status of the interview process, again thanking them for their time and consideration.

    After this point, chances are good that the job wasn’t yours. It’s a good thing though, as you’re no longer burning up the refresh button in an attempt to break the Internet waiting for a response. Hopefully you’ve also made an impression so that in the future, they may just reach out with another position that is a better fit AHEAD of them posting the job externally.

    I’ve missed what I thought was my dream job opportunity at least three times just to find out that the next job turned into a dream job without me realizing it. Based on some of the ensembles you’ve put together and posted here, you know what you’re doing, the right person or company will notice.

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    1. Thank you!!! 🙂 I really believe that too! I’ve reached out to a few people at the company and maybe if they begin hiring in my area again, I’ll make my 2nd attempt with the company. We’ll see about that tho! 🙂

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