Halloween Is Totally for Adults

Can you guess what I was for Halloween? No, not Frida Kahlo, I was a Snapchat flower crown filter! Initially, I wanted to be Rihanna Halloween, but while trying to find a similar crown to the one below, I came across a flower crown that reminded me of Snapchat and the decision was made! Halloween is totally for adults!

All it took to make the phone prop was 2 poster boards – 1 foam and 1 regular in black, some tape (I didn’t have glue), and some markers and paper for the emojis. It was a hell of a lot easier than last year. Last year, my friend Marta and I were Beyonce (Me) and Nicki Minaj from the Feeling Myself.

Plus Size Halloween Costume

Plus Size Halloween Costume

There were soooo many details. We had to iron on letters and tape down striped fabric to get the look of the jersey dresses. I found striped socks that matched theirs, I even bought wrist bands and blond weave clip-ins to to get as close as possible to Beyonce’s look. It probably cost around $100 bucks to get everything together, this year I spent like $20!

Halloween is totally for adults, because we get to be more creative with our costumes. Kids generally want to be their favorite characters or anything with a mask. The adult costumes are way too generic. How many times can you be a sexy cop, a sexy referee, or a hippie? I look at Halloween as way to think outside the box and be creative. I get to have fun like a kid, while doing adult activities.

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