The Worst Insults I’ve Received

Have you ever been called something so offensive or had someone intentionally try to hurt your feelings? I think we’ve all had at least one experience. Well, I figured instead of letting someone’s negative opinion of me get to me, I’d just express my thoughts and let it go.


I have been called fat in more ways than one my entire life: “fat girl,” “fat ass,” “fat bitch,” “fat ass bitch,” etc… I’ve sort of become immune to it. I’m a plus size woman, I look in the mirror every single day, and I know what I look like. This used to be the worst thing someone could call me, but it has definitely lost its power as I’ve become more confident and comfortable in my own skin.


I was seeing/talking to this guy for about two weeks and I asked him what was his impression of me (bad idea) he said a few good things, then the word “lazy” came flying out of his mouth. I couldn’t believe the he had the nerve to say this to me as he barely knew me. I began to realize that he was very critical of me, I couldn’t make a mistake without little remarks or criticism. Let’s just say that was pretty much the last conversation we had.


I recently got into a slight argument with an ex, (another bad idea), and within that argument came the greatest insult I’ve ever received – selfish. Ha! This person – a colossal male succubus, the person I gave everything I could possibly give, the poster child for selfish just called me selfish! Well, I’ve never! I may have my selfish moments, but he doesn’t get to say that.

What I’ve learned from these insults and others is that people will have their opinion of me, as I have my own opinions about them. I need to stop worrying about what other people think. No matter how inaccurate someone’s opinion of you may be, you can’t always change their mind, but you can change the way you react and you can change the way you allow them to treat you. Think highly of yourself, not too highly, there is a line between confidence and conceit. Know yourself, value yourself, and love yourself! Your opinion of you should carry more weight than anyone else’s.


11 thoughts on “The Worst Insults I’ve Received

  1. I love this!👍 I’ve been called fat, ugly and so many other demeaning words even by people claiming to be friends. At first, they used to get to me and my confidence and self esteem suffered a great deal. Now, I just smile and look away because I know their opinion doesn’t define me. Plus, I’m fabulous and I know it😍😍

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  2. Great post.. really the way of reacting (and maybe even learn NOT to react, but just answering, possibly smiling inside) is the key. It just helps self esteem and a wonderful positive loop initiates… 🙂

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    1. Yes!!! I agree with you 1000%! In the situation where the guy called me lazy he also called me a few other things and when I tried to tell him he was wrong and misunderstanding me he then criticized me for being “defensive.” I stopped responding and started blocking out the negativity. It forced me to understand that you don’t always have to explain yourself to people. Instead of falling into this negative spiral my own positive loop was formed. It’s funny how good can come from being insulted.


  3. Crystal, You’re beautiful! What I have learned in my life and experiences are that people who say hurtful things to you, or about you are merely projecting their own fears and self doubts.. insecurities. People say hurtful things because it makes them feel more comfortable. So, it;s never about you, it’s always about them. It’s like the school bully. Their torment of others is always driven by their own fears and insecurities.

    You are perfect just the way you are. But, I’m sure you already know that. 🙂 Shine on, gorgeous!

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    1. Thank you thank you thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement!!! You hit the nail on the head when you said that people project their own insecurites and fears, I 100% agree! I think I learned a great deal about other people and myself in each of those situations. It’s weird how positivity can come from negativity, but I guess you find what you’re looking for. Thank you soooo much for reading my post, I really appreciate it! I will be checking out your blog as well! ♥♥♥


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