Why I Blog

Blog #100 woohoo!!! In honor of my 100th blog post, I decided to tell you why I actually do this.

I started One Millennial Girl the same day I got fired (February 3, 2016) and it has been the best thing that has happened to me in years; I finally found an outlet that allowed me to be 100% myself. It started out as sort of a trio thing, with my 2 best friends, but it will now just be me. No bad blood or anything like that; my friends just didn’t have time to commit, and I was the only one posting, so it really is just one millennial girl lol. I previously worked as blogger for a company and I had to write what they wanted me to write. Yes, I’m thankful for that experience, but I seriously enjoy writing solely for myself. Of course there are hundreds of thousands of other millennial, plus-size, fashion, lifestyle bloggers out there, but I think there’s room for everyone.

I want this blog to hit on every aspect of  my life including: my passions, goals, dreams, family life, successes, and failures. You’ll see a lot of Polyvore sets, because I am passionate about fashion and interior design, but I’m also a millennial girl navigating through real life. Everything I write comes from me, straight from my heart. It is my therapy, what interests me, how I entertain myself, how I cope and deal with the shit I go through, and I know others can relate. I don’t want to limit myself, because it all makes me who I am. I hope that when you visit my blog you actually feel something, whether you laugh or cry or feel like shopping or re-decorating, I just hope you feel something.

One Millennial Girl isn’t a big blog, (my family doesn’t even know about it), it doesn’t have thousands of followers nor does it pull in thousands of views every week, but I’m grateful for every single person that has followed, liked, or commented on my blog posts, or just stopped by the homepage and didn’t click on a single thing. I don’t blog for attention and I don’t blog for money; although, if an opportunity ever came my way, I’d definitely check it out (I have serious bills to pay).

It’s only been 7 months and I’m not sure where this blog will be in the near and far future. I just love to write and put into words the things that run through my mind. I hope you all continue to enjoy what I write and create. Even if my blog posts are never seen or read by anyone after today, I think I would still write, because I absolutely, wholeheartedly love it! If I could inspire anyone to do anything in life, I hope it would be to do what you love, despite your fears of failure and despite the opinions of those around you! Chase your dreams!


21 thoughts on “Why I Blog

  1. We all blog for various reasons. Although I’m not a fashionista (did I get that right?), I do enjoy seeing your posts as you’re sharing your passion with others. I appreciate a writer that does share their passion as it shows you’re being genuine. Thanks for sharing and letting us in 🙂

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