Halloween Is Totally for Adults

Halloween Is Totally for Adults

Can you guess what I was for Halloween? No, not Frida Kahlo, I was a Snapchat flower crown filter! Initially, I wanted to be Rihanna Halloween, but while trying to find a similar crown to the one below, I came across a flower crown that reminded me of Snapchat and the decision was made! Halloween is […]

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Condo in the City


If only I had a condo in the city. Condo in the City by crystal-castleberry featuring a nailhead sofa

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This poncho is everything! It screams fall fashion. Fall-ing by crystal-castleberry featuring a coin necklace

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Oh Fendi

oh fendi

 Velvet is definitely in! Oh Fendi by crystal-castleberry featuring yves saint laurent sandals

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To Be Young

Just because it’s Monday… To Be Young by crystal-castleberry featuring 18k jewelry

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Beetlejuice Beetlejuice


I’m not really a festive person, but I saw some Halloween decorations and decided to play with them a bit. The set started to remind me of Beetlejuice lol. Beetlejuice Beetlejuice by crystal-castleberry featuring a black rug

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This goes right along with my “F**kboys” blog post. FedUp by crystal-castleberry featuring Miss Selfridge

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Autumn Casual


I love fall fashion! Autumn Casual by crystal-castleberry featuring a brown purse

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The Worst Insults I’ve Received

Have you ever been called something so offensive or had someone intentionally try to hurt your feelings? I think we’ve all had at least one experience. Well, I figured instead of letting someone’s negative opinion of me get to me, I’d just express my thoughts and let it go. Fat I have been called fat […]

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Millennial Apartment

I created this set for my best friend. She recently moved into a new place and  I wanted to give her the perfect millennial apartment. She’s also a makeup artist, so I wanted to make sure she had a mini makeup studio. Here’s another side of her room. Millennial Apartment by crystal-castleberry featuring shag rugs

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