Millennials: Dreamers or Dream Chasers?

One thing I love about my generation is that we really focus on achieving true happiness. I look around at all of my peers (former classmates and coworkers) and see that they are doing whatever they can to enjoy their lives. Millennials get such a bad rap about being entitled, lazy, and selfish, though there may be some truth to that in some cases, the truth is we just have more resources at our disposal than our parents and grandparents. The baby boomers, gen Yers, and some gen Xers are the dreamers. Of course, there are some who actually put their dreams into action, but there are a good majority who played it safe, because they felt they had to. They had greater responsibilities at a younger age and some had to deal with barriers that are minimized or nonexistent today. We, millennials do have it easy, but isn’t that what they wanted for us? They show us all of these Disney movies that tell us our dreams can come true, then tell us we should stop dreaming and get a “stable” job like they did. Yeah – that’s not gonna happen old people.

We are the dream chasers. We’re giving up unfulfilling jobs to find careers we love. We watched our parents and grandparents work jobs they absolutely hated, 40+ hours every week for 30 years or more and we decided not to live that life. We turned “You Only Live Once” into “Y.O.L.O” for a reason – we don’t just say it we actually live it. We don’t want to hit 75 and feel regret for what we didn’t do. We are a fearless generation!

In the last few weeks I have become obsessed with Gary Vee (Vaynerchuk). His videos are really life changing; he is brutally honest, yet very inspiring. I encourage anyone who is teetering on the border of playing it safe and following your dreams to check him out. One of the phrases that have stuck with me from watching his videos is: “Fuck your ‘Gonna,’” which basically means, stop saying you’re “gonna” do this and that and get off your ass and go do it. The hours we spend watching reality tv or sports or playing games could be going toward working on our dreams. Don’t sit around complaining when you aren’t doing anything to better your situation. We are more resilient than we think and we have so many resources at our disposal. Sacrifice really pays off, in the end it will all be worth it.

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