Dear Parents — Stop Raising F**kboys

For those who don’t know what a “F**kboy” is, a F**kboy (a.k.a. F**kboi) is a guy who mistreats, disrespects, uses, and manipulates women. They are selfish, irresponsible, entitled, and egotistic. They don’t know the meaning of loyalty, but will have it tattooed somewhere on their bodies. Unfortunately, I’ve dealt with a few.

According to my observation, two out of every three males over the age of 12 are F**kboys. They appear to go through some sort of F**kboy training starting around nine years old and once they hit middle school, it’s a wrap! It’s almost like some type of disease or sickness; sometimes it’s hereditary, sometimes it’s contagious, sometimes they grow out of it, and sometimes they die with it. Old bachelors are just F**kboys with their own places. Now I’m not sure how or when this epidemic started, but something has got to be done to stop it.

If you’re wondering how to keep your sons or future sons from becoming F**kboys, I have a few suggestions:

  1. Let your son cry — F**kboys don’t like to show emotion
  2. Teach him about chivalry and respect for women
  3. Let him know losing means just as much as winning
  4. Teach him that sex shouldn’t be taken lightly
  5. Stop saying “Boys will be boys” — that’s the F**kboy motto
  6. Teach him to stand by his word
  7. Be a good freaking example!!!

If you’re currently dealing with a grown F**kboy, I’m sorry to say this, but you’re better off alone.

10 thoughts on “Dear Parents — Stop Raising F**kboys

  1. “two out of every three males over the age of 12 are F**kboys.” Damn girl! … you talkin about America only right? If that is the case I see only 1 overall general solution: teach boys to think for themselves, this is a trend that’s why it’s so widespread BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY teach girls to have standards, accepting mediocrity from a f*ckboi should be abnormal

    Where I come from there are f*ckbois, most def. we call them “gyallis” but generally even they low-key look for “the one” while going through a pile of girls. Girls use that to think that they will be “the one” and so they stay and get stomped on, run over and forgotten.

    My point is The F*ckboi has always and will always be there, The onus is on females to not accept bullsh*t and fuckboys will generally leave you alone. And that’s all we can ask for

    — Blessings

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    1. I totally agree!!! But I still think that it all begins with the way boys are parented. If parents really looked at the way they bring their sons up they would save the daughters of the world from more than a few headaches and heartache.


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