Lies I’ve Told My parents – The College Edition

Since there are a lot of people are starting college this month I’ve decided to open up a little bit about my college experience. I haven’t always been the most honest person in the world, I’ve told a few white lies here and there, but I’ve also told some pretty monumental ones too. I can happily say I’m not like I used to be, thank God!

So let’s get to it:

  1. I’m studying/going to class

This is the most common lie parents will ever hear from their college kids. 9.5 times out of 10 I wasn’t studying and I skipped more classes than I care to remember, especially in my junior, senior, and 2nd senior year. Yes, I was on that 5-year plan lol. I was hanging out with friends doing things I will not mention or talking to some guy and we definitely weren’t talking about school. 

  1. I was looking for a job

I was enjoying my life, my friends, and my freedom, a job would’ve cramped my style. I eventually got a job and yes it did in fact “cramp my style”. I had to go slave at Family Dollar while my friends went off to the mall or Walmart. It was a small town; Walmart was the place to be after 9 pm. Working just wasn’t something I wanted to do, but when my parents would ask – I was sending out resumes every day of the week.

  1. I was being careful with money

I was a complete dumb-ass when it came to money. My freshman year I wrote a check to a complete stranger soliciting magazine subscriptions in our dorm. I just completely gave this guy access to my account number. Don’t be like me kids. I wasn’t saving and there were times when I would spend money frivolously. Five years later I’m just now getting myself together financially.

  1. I graduated

The night before graduation I received a phone call from my professor saying that he wasn’t giving me a passing grade, so I would have to retake the class over the summer. My family was driving down early in the morning to see me walk across the stage, I never let them know it wasn’t legit. I even made up a reason for my diploma being months late. I don’t think my mom read the date on my diploma either. Let’s just say, I felt like a complete fraud that day.

  1. I was working

After the unofficial graduation, I had to take summer courses, which my parents didn’t know about. I told them I was working, but the truth was that I quit my job a week before my “graduation.” I lived off of my graduation money that summer and told my parents that I didn’t know how I blew through the money that fast.

It’s been 5 years and I’m glad that I can look back and laugh at how stupid I was. I would put myself through hell just from all of the guilt I felt. It took a few years, but I learned that being honest is always best.

Enough of the Barney/Sesame Street life lesson. I know you don’t want to hear your parents’ mouths even though they probably did similar things in their day that you’re doing now, but try not to lie. And if you feel like you must lie, make sure you keep track of the lie you told, I’m just saying…

5 thoughts on “Lies I’ve Told My parents – The College Edition

  1. Loved this post. Takes me back to younger years…I did all of those things back in college…except for the lied about graduating… instead I just dropped out like a boss (meh not really) Needless to say it was a very awkward time for my parents and I….

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    1. Me too! I guess I kind of wanted to figure things out for myself without hearing my parent’s mouths and opinions. It all worked out tho. We all have our own paths, sometimes it’s hard for parents to understand that.

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