Best Places to Meet Men

By no means do I consider myself to be a relationship expert, this list is totally based on my experiences and situations I’ve observed.

  1. Grocery stores – Kroger

You can tell a lot about a man by what he has in his grocery cart. A grown man with Trix cereal in his cart is either a daddy or lives at home with his daddy, either way run! Also avoid the ones with hand baskets on the beer aisle. You want to look for a single guy with no visible ring on the healthy organic food section or the frozen food aisle. If he’s buying hot pockets he’s probably single; although, he could be buying hot pockets because he’s too busy messing with hoes to actually cook real food.

Avoid Food Depot

  1. Big Box Stores – Walmart (if you’re feeling desperate)

You can always find a man in Walmart. There’s always one gawking at you in the parking lot, on the shampoo aisle, or the checkout line, and their generally not afraid to say hello. Also, the male cashiers are the biggest flirts. So if you happen to be going through a dry spell, Walmart might be a good option for you.

Avoid Target: Most of the men who shop in Target are gay or have families.

  1. Electronics stores – Best Buy

This is a man metropolis, from the workers to the customers, so when you go in this store be prepared – be confident, look your best, and act like you know nothing about electronics. That should do the trick.

Avoid – GameStop: These guys play call of duty all day long and aren’t worth the headache that comes from their lack of attention and communication.

  1. Department Stores – Macy’s – Men’s Section

You have to be careful in this store, a lot of the men in this store don’t go for the female variety. When you find a straight man who appears to be single make small talk with him. Ask for his opinion on a “gift” for your father, brother, or nephew – the person needs to be related to you. If the convoy in the clothing section doesn’t work out there’s always the cologne counter, shoe and watch section.

Avoid – Sears: Slim pickings in this store.

  1. Gas Stations – QuikTrip

Meeting guys at gas stations lets you know that he has the ability to be mobile. You get to see what kind of car he drives, not that it’s that important but to some women it is. It’s easy to strike up a conversation at the pump, but there’s a lot of things you should look out for. If you have the opportunity to check the car’s tag, pay attention to the birth month. Coyly ask his zodiac sign then ask for his birthday just to be sure. If his birth month doesn’t match the tag, that car is not in his name – RUN! It could be his girlfriend’s car, mama’s car, his license could be suspended, whatever the reason is you don’t wanna stick around to find out. Also, if his car is junky or if you see that he only put a $1.57 in his tank – RUN!

Avoid – Citgo

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