Terrified in the USA

I don’t generally write posts on social issues, because I try to keep this blog as light-hearted as possible. I want to make people laugh when they read about my crazy fantasies and the things that go on in my life. I want to change the negative thoughts and perceptions that some people have when it comes to millennials. We work hard, we want more out of life, and we aren’t afraid to follow our hearts, passions, and our dreams, but this week’s post will be a bit different. The incidents that have occurred over the last week have hit really close to home and have shaken me to my core.

I am a black/African American woman living in the United States and I am TERRIFIED!

I am not only terrified for myself, but I am mostly terrified for my black father, my black brothers, and my black nephews. I am scared of what could happen to them during a routine traffic stop or any type of run-in with the police. In my culture, it is hard to see the police as public servants, sworn to protect and serve. I know very well that all cops aren’t bad cops, but if you’ve ever experienced harassment, police brutality, and racial profiling, you too might be a little iffy about the police. Try to imagine what it’s like for us when a cop car pulls up behind you. I’m sure everyone gets that tense feeling, but imagine yourself feeling like you may not make it home if they decide to turn on those blue lights. It is the most terrifying feeling.

On one hand I am terrified for the men in my family, but I am also terrified for my sister who works in law enforcement; she is a parole officer, who deals with murderers and rapists on a daily basis. To some, she is the police; she has a badge, carries a service weapon, and has the authority to make arrests, her uniform is just a bit different. She has a very intense job. Imagine wanting to make a difference in your community while having to send the people you grew up with to prison. Anything can happen to while on the job and in this instance there is also the same possibility of not making it home.

I don’t even know what to really say or think in this moment. I hope and long for change, but like most I am discouraged, disheartened, and unsure of where to begin. How do you evoke such a change in the minds and hearts of those who don’t see the injustice in these situations? How do we bring about true justice? How do we remove the fear? I have no answers to these questions, but I am eagerly looking for the solutions.

I pray for peace and justice for the families of the fallen – those murdered by the police and the officers killed in the line of duty. Please be safe, please love one another, and please, please, please value each others lives!

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