I Realize My Parents Are Human

When we’re kids we see our parents through some sort of rose colored glasses. We see them as our protectors and providers, the most important people in our lives who can do no wrong. But… what happens when you grow up and start seeing your parents for who they really are? Humans, flawed human beings, capable of making colossal mistakes. You may revel in seeing your parents in this new light, because they can no longer throw your mistakes in your face, but you might feel a little sadness when you realize your father isn’t the strongest man on earth and your mother isn’t the saint you thought she was. I’m just saying…

Living with my parents as an adult, I’ve been able to analyze their behavior, decisions, and relationships with other people. I’ve come to the conclusion that my parents are completely fucked up people and I mean that with all due love and respek (respect). I now understand some of the things they said and did when I was a kid; it was like having a light-bulb moment. My approach to dealing with knowing my parents as regular humans is to embrace it. I can talk to my parents much easier now, but it isn’t always sunshine and roses with these people. They get on my last damn nerve sometimes, but I can’t escape them, because I’m still living in their house.

As you get older sometimes you find out things about your parents and even your grandparents that you wish didn’t. Someone had an affair or illegitimate/out-of-wedlock child, a gambling/drinking problem, and that time that daddy went on an extended work trip, your parents were really on the verge of a divorce. Hey shit happens. No one is perfect, including your parents. Just because they’re old that doesn’t mean they have all of their shit together. They’re perfectly capable of doing stupid crap or making millennial-esq mistakes. I’m kinda glad they’re not perfect; now I don’t have to worry about trying so hard to not screw up my life.

After seeing my parents as regular human beings, I often ask myself this question: if I weren’t their child, would I be friends with them? Hmmm… I’m not sure I know how to answer that question. We’ll see how this all works out.

2 thoughts on “I Realize My Parents Are Human

  1. I am getting to the place where I can be very good friends with my parents. Now that I am financially independent from them, they see me more as capable and my opinions have weight and merit in their eyes. The thing that I am adjusting to is the fact that they are humans, and age with time. Seeing my parents get older at the age of 30, makes me realize how precious life is and how its important not to waste it ans tell the people that you love how much you love them. I love my parents and make it a point to tell them every chance I get.

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    1. For me it was a little off-putting, initially, but now I find humor in their odd behavior. I don’t have a close relationship with them even though I live with them, but it’s kinda nice to be able to observe them lol.

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