Not-so Happy Birthday

Today is my birthday and honestly, I’m not really enthused. Unlike most people, I don’t jump for joy at the thought of my birthday and I don’t expect a party or gifts. Out of my 28 years on this earth, I only recall 2 really good birthdays, 7 and 19. You’re probably thinking that it’s because I didn’t get a lot of presents or I had a Sixteen Candles moment and everyone forgot my birthday, but that’s not necessarily it. Although I have had my grandparents and parents forget my birthday, I don’t like to celebrate my birthday, because April 25th seems to be some sort magnet for drama. The entire month of April is filled with abnormal and unnecessary stress and drama, and it peaks around my birthday. Every other year someone dies in April, my grandma, great-grandfather, and this year, my cousin. It’s just not a good month for me.

I’ve been seriously thinking about not acknowledging my birthday, at least for next year. I will privately thank God for another day and year, but I will not acknowledge it publicly, after this post lol. I don’t know if this will help, but I’m willing to give it a try. I’m not looking for pity, I’ve actually thought about doing this for a long time now and I’m considering doing the same thing with holidays. We shall see how this all works out. Who knows, I may change my mind over the next 365 days, but it’s my birthday, I can celebrate it however I want to lol.

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