Prom Redo – 10 Years Later

I went to my senior prom 10 years ago and although I loved my prom look, I kinda wish I could go back and redo it. Down here in the south, prom is a red carpet event. We don’t wear basic dresses, even our Sunday best won’t do. It’s all about updos, sequins, and tulle. I put together a few looks that I would want to wear if I could redo my high school prom.

Prom Redo
Prom Redo 2016
Prom Do-Over 2016

My prom experience was okay. I went solo, no date, no limo, and no group of friends, but my plans were to meet up with a few friends there and go out to eat after the prom. That didn’t happen… somehow I got separated from my friends and I couldn’t get in touch with them when my parents showed up to take us to dinner. So my prom night ended early and my parents and I stopped at Krystals on the way home. It wasn’t a great night at all. If only I could travel back in time with my current group of friends and the confidence I have now, I would own my senior prom!!!

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